Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection by Gary Bates. Master Books: Green Forest, AR. 2004.

Alien Intrusion is a scary book. I do not – I repeat, DO NOT – under any circumstances that you read this book late at night while browsing the internet for videos on the subject… but I definitely recommend that you read it!

Gary Bates, president of Creation Ministries International [CMI], does an excellent job of covering the question of extraterrestrial life and UFOs from a Biblical [young earth] creationist POV. This book is well-researched and gives thoughtful answers to questions concerning the Big bang, the possibility of alien life and space travel, and the prevalence of alien abduction stories and strange lights in the sky. He discusses the off-heard – and erroneous – claim that the Bible mentions UFOs, while exposing how those who believe in “space brothers” have to re-interpret Scripture into heresy, fall into New Age beliefs and/or become antagonistic toward traditional Christianity in order to maintain those beliefs.

One of the most compelling parts of the book reveals how research has shown that “alien abductions” cease when the name of Jesus is invoke by abductees and that Bible-believing Born Agains do not experience these so-called abduction events. It is clear that the “space brothers” are simply devils posing as “angels of light” for the space age!

It is also interesting to see how UFO true believers tend to re-interpret end-times Bible prophecy to one of the following scenarios:

  • “Those who refuse to change and allow Mother Earth to evolve (presumably Christians) will be removed by flying saucers and destroyed, or taken to some other place. (This ia a counterfeit of the Christian premillennial view, in that if millions of Christians were to suddenly disappear…)
  • “That during a ‘rapture’ at the end of time, all UFO believers who have spiritually evolved will be taken to heaven or another plant, leaving behind the earth for its destruction.
  • “The ascended ones (UFO believers) will be whisked away. Some believe they will be returned after the earth has been cleansed (Armageddon).” [p.322]

Clearly, once the Biblical Rapture has occurred and UFO believers find themselves left behind, they will be left with only the first scenario to latch onto.

Alien Intrusion shows the demonic deception of New Age UFO culture. I feel Bates has offered us an important book which all Christians should read to guard themselves against an increasingly accepted lie.

The only problem I have with this book is that it goes too far with its conclusions. After making a strong case for the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon is a Satanic deception, Bates goes one step further to say that the Bible says that alien life is not possible. This is not a foregone conclusion of Scripture; an absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence: we should be careful not to make dogmatic statements about things the Bible is silent upon.

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-Tony Breeden, from the Bookwyrm’s Lair


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