Relentless (The Dominion Trilogy: Book 1) by Robin Parrish. Bethany House Publishers: Minneapolis, MN (2006)

Robin Parrish’s Relentless opens up with one of the best hooks I’ve ever read:

“Collin Boyd stepped off the Metro bus on his way to work, and across the street he saw himself strolling down the sidewalk.”

In an instant, Collin Boyd has become Grant Borrows. At a whirlwind – dare I say, relentless – pace, Grant Borrows discovers that no longer is he who he who he once was, people are hunting him because he has amazing psychokinetic abilities, and that he’s not the only one this has happened to. The pacing and character development – not to mention the premise – makes the novel an enjoyable read.

The rub of it is that I came away from the book with a sour taste in my mouth. Oh, I’ll probably read the next book in the series, if only to see if redeems himself, but when Parrish finally reveals the source of Borrows’ powers, well, that’s when we get into theologically “iffy” territory.

If you don’t want a spoiler – and the source of his powers is one of the major questions of Relentless – read no further! Just know that I found it entertaining, but that I can only recommend it with reservation.

–Begin Spoiler —

It turns out that the source of grant Borrows’ powers, of all of the Loci in fact, is the Devil. On pages 408 and 409 Parrish quotes two passages generally ascribed as descriptions of Satan/Lucifer/the Devil and identified this entity as the source of the power in the rings worn by all Loci. Furthermore, it is stated that these rings were a sign of Satan’s dominion over the earth. Parrish states that these rings were used in the past, a possible allusion to the pre-Flood nephilim. Problematically enough, the Bible says that Adam not Satan was given dominion over the earth and all that is in it. Because of this, when he fell, Creation fell with him and shared in his curse. Through Christ, Creation shall be redeemed one day, but until then it cries out for rebirth. So however unlikely it is that heroes should do good by the power of Satan, Parrish’s origins story is a theological train wreck.

All in all, Relentless is a very well-written, exciting read, but readers should beware of the Biblically inaccurate premise behind Parrish’s origins story. I recommend it with reservation.

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