The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution’s Nightmare. Don Landis, General Editor. Master Books: Green Forest, AR (2012)

geniusofancientman-landisMy wife and I have always been ready connoisseurs of books and materials that reveal the unexpected intelligence of ancient man. Who hasn’t wondered how the pyramids were built with such mathematical precision by men as allegedly primitive as the Egyptians? Who hasn’t wondered how the massive stella of Stonehenge were transported from miles away and hefted atop one another? Those of us who study ooparts [out-of-place artifacts, such as the Antikythera Mechanism, a 2000 year old mechanical computing device] and ancient mysteries recognized that man has been curiously more intelligent than the plot calls for. Those of us with a Biblical worldview realize that the reason ooparts strike us as, well, out-of-place or rather out-of-time is because we’ve been taught that man started off as a knuckle-dragging half-ape and then steadily grew more intelligent.  Who hasn’t wondered why the Nazca and mound builders of North America built large earth designs that only make sense from above? The intelligence of ancient man is only out-of-place if we accept the evolutionary/old age view of the earth as our starting point instead of the Bible.

This book serves well as a primer on the genius of ancient man, with the research team from Jackson Hole Bible College showcasing the unexpected intelligence of early man in several areas [exploration and mapmaking, architecture and art, music and technology], while dedicating a good portion of the book to demonstrating why we ought to use the Bible as our starting point when looking at the the history of the world. In fact, the book ends with 21 axioms for interpreting the Bible and our world, each of which shines light on a potential mistake people make when dealing with either.

Nowhere is the ultimate authority of Scripture shown as more crucial to our understanding of the past when exploring the roots of false religions. As the book notes at the beginning of the chapter on this subject, “It is not surprising, working from a biblical perspective, that a study of religions will reveal that many cultures were monotheistic at their early stages,” afterward degrading into polytheism, animism, etc. [p. 73]. Using the Bible as our starting point we realize that pervasive legends told round the world of Creation, the Flood, of Babel and even of a “Great Cold” after the Flood find their root in actual world events [as described in the revelation of Scripture], extra-biblical versions having become corrupted and altered over time.

Speaking of time, the book ends ultimately with a sound argument against views of the earth that include death before the Fall, including a solid rebuttal against the view that Adam’s sin only resulted in spiritual death rather than both spiritual and physical death. The foundational basis of the Gospel rests upon a young earth interpretation of Genesis; views that insert microbes-to-man evolution and/or millions of years of pre-Adamic death are either contradictory, arbitrary or both.

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-Rev Tony Breeden, from the Bookwyrm’s Lair

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