Vigilante by Robin Parrish. Bethany House Publishers (2011)

vigilante-parrishRobin Parrish’s Vigilante starts off well, but ends rather flat, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Vigilante is one part Batman, one part Darkman. A decorated soldier becomes the faceless Hand, pitting himself against organized crime and hoping to inspire the masses to be better. There’s some rather imaginative action sequences involving some awesome gadgets. The chief villain is a sadistic mobster who likes to make his victims suffocate on cement [ew]. The Hand is both aided and hunted by a team of elite agents called the OCI [Organized Crime Intelligence].

The Hand and Robin Parrish begin well. Then things go south. The Hands actions have repercussions for those he loves. But the book’s plot and pacing still had me.



A GIANT PLOT HOLE. <spoiler>The Hand battles his way up a darkened, abandoned building through a handful of crack mercenaries… and steps onto a brightly rooftop where the US President and Secret Service have landed. Because they would totally land Air Force One on such a building without bothering to secure the area, right?</spoiler> And the book lost me. A bad end spoils the whole plot.

Parrish’s point is that only Christ can truly change people for the better. His epilogue is the only thing that saves the bad end of the book.


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