Currently Reading

Here’s what I’m currently reading. Expect reviews of these books soon!

The Truth Chronicles 4: The Thief by Tim Chaffey & Joe Westbrook

Genre: Christian Fiction, Sci-Fi, Teen Fiction

The first three books of this series about the adventures of four time-travelling kids from Silicon Valley Prep were awesome! My boys absolutely loved them. As an added bonus they are full of Biblical truth from a young earth creationist worldview.

Whiloe you’re waiting for the review of book 4, check out our reviews of the first three books:

Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys by Hal & Melanie Young
Genre: Non-Fiction; Discipleship; Family Issues

I haven’t gotten very far into this book, but I’ve had pleanty of laughs. This book is written with wit and humor by folks who’ve been there.

The Peleg Chronicles – Book 1: Foundlings by Matthew Christian Harding
Genre: Fiction; Apologetic Fiction; Adventure.

Matthew Christian Harding promises us a riveting adventure full of dragons and swordplay set in the Post-Flood world, with no evolution, no magic and no humanism. I’m honestly enjoying every minute of it, so far!


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